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About Us

EDsnaps /ed-snaps/


EDsnaps vision 

Increase diversity in the STEM workforce 


EDsnaps mission 

Turn STEM-learners into STEM-leaders

"Believing in today’s STEM-learner 


investing in tomorrow’s STEM-leader"

You can invest in the lives of many girls &

young women and their families by giving

them an opportunity to actively participate

in STEAM-experiential programs

Your support of our social-economically

challenged female-identifying youth 

empowers the leaders of tomorrow, and

creates more inclusive & diverse economies

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EDsnaps Inc. is a 501(c)(3), NYC-based organization

EIN 38-4036706


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What We Do

STEAM Experiential Workshop, Bronx, NY, 2023
EDsnaps actively contributes to the United Nations the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by harnessing the potential of girls & young women by offering STEAM experiential programs.
Our free programs bridge the widening education gap observed in the continuously failing local, national, and international education systems.
We cure the root causes of this long-overdue existing gap, a gap that prevents growth in diversity in the current and next generation of our STEM workforce.

EDsnaps Central Pillar

The central pillar of EDsnaps that aligns with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) is Quality Education (SDG#4).

Quality education is the key to personal & professional success for all people. Access to quality education gives people, - STEM-learners -, opportunities to learn about, develop and apply the life-skill sets they need to increase their personal & professional value and Quality of Life, experience economic growth, and become the next generation of STEM-leaders.

Monthly Events

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Worth Watching

Thank you - 2023 Donors
Check out the video Impact"
E-magazine Volume 8
 Soaring in STEAM
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What is impact?

 Our 2023 Summer Program participants demonstrate impact in this powerful video


 Carol Colmenares


Rafael Parra


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Enjoy the powerful stories written by student STEM-learners & STEM-leaders.

83-pages covering all principles of STEAM

Current Programs
Projects & Reports

Summer Program
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Spring STEAM Series
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Career Leadership Awareness Program
Global Youth Leadership
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STEM-talent Connector
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Language Skills Projects
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Social Media - In the News
Annual Reports
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