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Summer Pilot Program, 2017


"I thought this program would not help me discover myself this summer, but so far it has helped me discover who I am as a person and the things I enjoy, like going to the library and creating things with my own hands."

- Anahis


"These girls made me think a lot about my future and made me empowered through their perception of women in STEM."

- Javize


“Today I had the opportunity to meet an incredible and inspiring woman who taught me a lot about identity. Ms. Fay is beautifully talented and quite amazing. ”

- Laura


"The EDsnaps Program gave me the courage to get out of my comfort zone and try new things (like visiting a museum for the first time). It also helped me build new relationships with people who can help me grow academically and professionally in the future.

- Kenya


"Learning about how some sources are more reliable than others was useful because now in the future I will not cite false information."

- Leslie

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