Our Story

EDsnaps was founded in April 2017.

In the late fall of 2016, our founder Dr. Susanne Cappendijk, MBA (aka Dr. C.) was mentoring in the Bronx, NY.  During this mentor session, one of her mentees said ”Dr C., I’m worried about my resume; I don’t have any real skills. I don't think that I have a chance of getting into college”. 


What to do? It was clear to Susanne that she needed to take action. Without hesitation, she started EDsnaps with the idea to offer students, like her mentee, opportunities to build and strengthen their resume. With no budget, Susanne created a STEM+ Arts (STEAM)  based 3-week Summer program.


This Pilot Summer Program launched on July 10, 2017 in the Bronx, NY. With the help of 50+ volunteers, in-kind donations and Susanne’s sheer will power, this Program was offered completely for FREE to 7 underserved female-identifying high school students.  


2018: In the summer of 2018, EDsnaps not only ran the 3-week Summer Program for FREE but also launched the Counselor-in-Training Program. This 4-week program focused specifically on leadership development, and focused on EDsnaps alumni. 

In the fall of 2018, EDsnaps launched two after-school Programs for underserved middle- and high-school female-identifying students in the Bronx, partnering with a New Settlement Program and the Marble Hill School for International Students (MHSIS), respectively. 


2019: In the summer of 2019, a total of 6 weeks of Free Summer Programs were offered.  The Summer Program and the Counselor-in-Training program continued for the 3rd and 2nd consecutive year.  The pilot Summer Studio Workshop Programs was launched as a 2-week program offered to rising 6th-9th rising female-identifying students, ages 11-15 years.  


Due to the renewed support from Herman Miller Cares, the new support from ADP, and the numerous renewed and new private donations, EDsnaps doubled the number of paid internships in the Counselor-in-Training and Summer Leadership Program and is able to offer the students FREE summer programs and workshops. 


EDsnaps impact on the community: Summer 2017 – Summer 2019

  • Over 95% of female-identifying students served in our Programs come from historically underrepresented groups. 

  • The majority of the students enrolled in our Programs are part of English as a Second Language (ESL) households.

  • STEAM 2017-2019 workshops reached a total of 500+ participants in Manhattan, Washington Heights and the Bronx.

  • The Summer and After school Programs enrolled a total of 75+ students.

  • EDsnaps created 68 Corporate Social Responsibility opportunities in the format of workshops, lunch & learn speakers and mentor events in the Summer Programs.  Business ranged from small to global entities.

  • 33 female-owned and 11 male-owned small businesses were part of the presenter troop.

  • 11 individual free-lance contractors offered their volunteer services to the Programs.

  • 34 students and 10 interns worked directly with our students in the Programs.

  • 9 presenters were employed in governmental entities.

  • 5 Non-Profit Organizations were part of the Programs.

  • The 3-week 2019 EDsnaps Summer Program covered 13 out of 15 days (87%) with catered lunches to counselors & participating students. Leftovers were provided as “take home” packages for students in need.



We provide challenging programs for all our underserved female-identifying students to give inspiration and empower them to become independent exceptional glocal leaders in the STEM workforce.

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