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Our Story

Your brain is your most valuable asset
Technological devices are just tools that are available to assist you, not the other way around
In EDsnaps, we recognize the value of technological devices, but during our Summer Program, I need you to focus on your brain power - you need to start using your brain in an independent, different way; you are going to rewire your brain. After being a STEM-learner in our 4 week program you will recognize the power of your neurobotical rewired brain, and then you know that you are on your way to becoming a STEM-leader."

Dr. C, 2023 Summer Program, All STEAM Stars, The Bronx, NY.  Dr. C. is the founder of EDsnaps, a neuroscientist who is totally in love with math and the brain.
Why EDsnaps was founded

Blame the Subway Delay

​In the late fall of 2016, neuroscientist and founder of EDsnaps Susanne Cappendijk, PhD, MBA (aka Dr. C) was mentoring in the Bronx, NY. During this mentoring session, one of her mentees said “Dr. C, I’m worried about my resume; I don’t have any real skills. I don't think that I have any chance of getting into college”. 


What to do? 

In the late fall of 2016, while experiencing a major delay on the subway line 1, Dr. C. started thinking about how she could help her mentee. Why not use her mentor, sponsor, and community service experience to start a nonprofit organization? Since Dr. C served for many years in her local Florida community creating challenging STEAM-content curricula offered to female-identifying middle school students, founding the Student Research and Academic Enrichment Program at the College of Medicine, Florida State University, serving as a member of the Board of the Governors role in the Leon County Research and Development Authority, and actively sponsoring local high school clubs and the local startup incubator and coworking space, Domi, she had a lot of experience and insights to pull from.

The Launch of the 2017 Pilot Program

With no budget, Dr. C created a STEM+Arts and Arts+STEM based 3-week Summer program. This Pilot Summer Program launched on July 10, 2017 at the Bronx Engineering Technology Academy (BETA), JFK campus in the Bronx, NY. With the help of 50+ volunteers, in-kind donations and Dr. C’s sheer determination, this program was offered completely for FREE to 7 underserved female-identifying high school students.

Status in 2023

After 6 years of hard work, the majority of our 2017 cohort students are now early career professionals. They climbed the STEM-learning ladder and we appreciate it very much that they take the time off from their jobs and volunteer at EDsnaps events. Our 2019-2020 STEM-learners are now working with EDsnaps as counselors, research-project interns, and members of the e-magazine team, practicing and showing their STEM-leadership skills.

We are currently offering more than 9 educational programs and projects, working with local, national and international STEM-learners and their families, serving over 200 students annually. 

Our long-term commitment 

We listen to our students and continue to create opportunities that improve access to resources and promote leadership development, while focusing on career awareness and preparedness.

We continue to grow with our STEM-learners. We are a dynamic non-profit organization focusing on quality education in all programs and projects. We stimulate the economic growth in local, national and global socio-economically challenged communities. We help to decrease poverty hunger through continuous support to our students. We increase diversity in this generation and the next generation STEM workforce. And we do this one student at the time. 

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