Summer Workshops, 2019

"What I learned in EDsnaps is that in life you have to find an opportunity to learn new stuff and try new things out and learn to get along with others. But mostly what I learned was how to do origami because before this summer, I never made anything our of paper; I didn't even know how to make a heart. I also learned that we have to communicate more in order to do projects and experiments because some people don't like to communicate."

- Fatima

"I learned that there are many ways to learn and understand subjects. For example, string art can better help me understand math, not just simple math but harder equations too. I learned from EDsnaps that we can be able to apply creative thinking in order to achieve greatness. EDsnaps was able to unblock parts of knowledge in my brain that can be applied to school this upcoming year. EDsnaps helped me to better understand 10th grade concepts that I will be needing this year like geometry and literature. This helped me learn how to problem solve in multiple ways when stuck. EDsnaps also helped me to better understand school."

- Nia

"In EDsnaps I learned how to make friends, which is really important to me because I am shy! I also learned how to be even more creative, since I love to paint. Also I really loved the origami classes a lot. I liked the PH balance test a lot, I also liked the sundial experiment. I also really liked the origami garden! If I had to describe EDsnaps in a few words, they would be Super, Awesome, Amazing, and Extreme."

- Jendayi

"I learned how to fish and play music. And I learned how to make pretty origami. My favorite activity was seining because we almost caught a fish."

- Princess

"My favorite activity was "making your own music" because it was fun trying different instruments and making it sound good."

- Rakiyah

"This summer I learned that you don't necessarily have to hang out with people your own age. Also, you don't need to care how you look everyday. You should feel comfortable in your own skin. And you shouldn't let others control you. Finally, I learned that it's alright to get off my phone at times!"

- Rebecka

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