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Summer Workshops, 2019


"What I learned in EDsnaps is that in life you have to find opportunities to learn new things and try new things and learn to relate to others. But mainly what I learned is how to make origami because before this summer, I never did anything with paper; I didn't even know how to make a heart. I also learned that we have to communicate to do projects and experiments because some people don't communicate."

- Fatima


"I learned that there are many ways to learn and understand topics. For example, string art can help me understand math, not simple math but difficult equations, too. I learned from EDsnaps that we can apply creative thinking to achieve greatness. EDsnaps was able to unlock parts of my knowledge in my brain that can be applied in school this coming year. EDsnaps helped me understand 10th grade concepts that I will need in this year like geometry and literature. This helped me understand how to solve problems when I was stuck. EDsnaps also helped me understand school better. "


- Nia


"In EDsnaps I learned how to make friends, which is very important to me because I am shy! I also learned how to be more creative, since I love to paint. I also learned that I love origami classes. I liked the chemistry tests and I liked the sundial experiments. And I liked the origami garden! If I had to describe EDsnaps in a few words, they would be Super, Awesome, and Amazing.

- Jendayi


"I learned how to fish and play music. And I learned how to make nice origami. My favorite activity was fishing because we almost caught a fish."

- Princess


"My favorite activity was 'Make Your Own Music' because it was so much fun trying different instruments and making them sound good."

- Rakiyah


"This summer I learned that you don't necessarily have to be around people your own age. Also, you don't have to take care of how you look every day. You should feel comfortable in your own skin. And you shouldn't let others control you. Finally, I learned that putting your phone down is fine sometimes! "

- Rebecka

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