Counselor-in-Training Program, 2019

"I have always craved to be a part of something big and meaningful, while I am still able to be who I am and share my beliefs. EDsnaps allows me to do and be more than that. As a counselor I have learned what it means to be both a leader and a follower and have come to a realization that it doesn't matter which you are, as long as you play your part and you play it fair!
Being a counselor allows me to be there for my students, academically, emotionally, and physically. I am able to be myself around them and teach them to feel the same towards me. It's important to learn, grow, and shine as long as you have fun doing it."

- Ami

"True happiness is something we all seek in our lives and we do the things that make us happy in order to achieve that. Sometimes we struggle, sometimes it’s easy, but EDsnaps makes the path clearer and more understandable. For a while, I didn’t think my perspective on things could be any clearer and that there was a realm of impossibility I could never achieve. EDsnaps has shown me that the impossible is most certainly possible. It has taught me tools to guide myself through the path of achieving that inner happiness. They’re there with you every step to remind you that it’s okay to fail and to treat every mistake as a valuable lesson. On top of all the resources and assistance EDsnaps gives, I was also lucky to be working with some of the most amazing, talented, and caring people I have ever had the pleasure of working with. They’ve put things into perspective that I never thought I could see. Truly an amazing experience."

- Ashford

"To me, EDsnaps is a network of talented, hardworking, and dedicated individuals sharing their passion for STEAM through education and teamwork. One of the things I enjoy the most about the program is that everyone is willing to bring something different to the table; an experience, an idea, or activity that engages us with new forms of diversity and encourages us to interact with our own sense of individuality, as well as our capacity to raise awareness about the importance of getting young girls and women interested in STEAM fields."

- Leslie

"For me, EDsnaps is about sharing my passion for art, STEM, and education with my fellow counselors and students. I love to show the students that math can be fun and creative and can take their minds to places they could have never envisioned. The program has inspired me to take my leadership skills to the next level and to take initiative when it comes to helping the students develop a love for math. I hope that we can send more women into STEM and create a better future!"

- Liza

"EDsnaps has impressed me because of their mission to increase diversity in STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math) fields. Being a counselor for EDsnaps is a good opportunity for me because I'm supportive and perceptive. I'm dedicated when it comes to achieving my goals and career. I always wanted to learn how to become a great leader and help others while doing so and EDsnaps has prepared me for this by helping me improve my soft skills and hard skills."

- Magnan

"EDsnaps has amazed me with their everyday workshops and new opportunities. Being a counselor for EDsnaps is a learning experience because it makes you work with different individuals and it allows me to help students. I was once a student for EDsnaps and it provided me with new opportunities to meet professionals from different fields, and discover what is interesting to me." 

- Nicole

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