Summer Leadership Program, 2018

"The crocheting workshop was fun, because I never expected to be good at anything other than math, but I am really good at crocheting!"

"The best advice for me was to be yourself. This is important advice but so many people do not care about it. Always being yourself is key to success."

"Learning how to manage money at the Merryl Lynch fieldtrip was useful because I have a tendency to spend all my money on food and games."

"The trip to the Brooklyn Fashion Design Accelerator was awesome because I never thought about that fashion has more to it than just designer clothes. But they recycle and use old things to make them new; that is very cool."

"The Creating Our Own Company workshop was so much fun because we created our own business which is something I am interested in in the future. Also our company will help people not only in my community but all over the world."

"When I showed my crochet piece to my friends and showed that I can crochet they all just stood around looking amazed. My mom was even amazed b/c we all believed that only old people crochet."

"All of the presentations at Quartz were good, but building confidence was my favorite because I feel like I need to work on my self-esteem and she gave me a reason why."

"The interns at Palm Drive Capital were great; their background and experiences really were incredible to hear because it motivated me and changed my mindset about unpaid internships. I took a lot of advice and ideas with me."

"I liked creating our business office at Herman Miller, it made me realize how hard it can be to create your own office, however, at the same time it made you realize you can do it."

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