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Data Collection - 2023 Sumer
Summer Program

Our mission is straightforward:

To Increase Diversity in the STEM workforce.

How do we increase diversity in the STEM workforce? By bridging the gap between regular schoolyear lesson learning programs and real-life career development.

We encourage young female-identifying minority students age 10-17 to discover and explore their personal and professional value and discover their STEAM field(s) of interest.


Program offering:

4 weeks, full-time in-person experiential STEAM educational program

Location 2024:  New Settlement, Bronx, NY

Counselors: Students graduated from an EDsnaps Program – Stipends provided. 

STEM in Art & Art in STEM

The inclusion of Arts in STEM education promotes the development of the crucial skills of critical thinking, communication, collaboration, creativity, problem solving.


Our program creates opportunities for students and counselors to learn not only about career development but also about career preparedness and professional leadership development in all principles of STEAM.

We offer Interactive hands-on workshops and fieldtrips to companies and organizations where students meet with professionals.

From a 2020 STEM-learner
a 2022 STEM-leader
2023 Summer Program
STEAM-orientated experim
Summer Programs
From workshops to real-life careers
Hands-on Experiments
Exciting Fieldtrips
Career Preparedness

“Your brain is your most important asset"

Dr. C, Introduction 2023 Summer Program, Bronx, NY

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