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Global Youth Leadership Program
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On the shelf, August 2023

A virtual global STEAM program offered to young people between 9-14 years of age (co-ed). Our uniquely designed programs provide opportunities for hands-on STEM learning, problem-solving, teamwork and leadership development - equipping students to become the change agents of tomorrow.

The students meet every three weeks, from the Fall (Sept) to Spring (May) tackle a local and/or national socio-economic problem that is important to their communities.

Through trail and error, the teams develop sustainable solutions that could impact lives. We connect their solutions to the most fitting & applicable SDGs.

The programs culminate in an interactive showcase where students present their ideas to an international panel of judges. The constructive feedback received informs the process and the learning experience. 

The key to running a successful local youth program is to partner with local educators & local organization.

Since 2018, EDsnaps has collaborated with GEIG - The Girls Education Initiative of Ghana. We offer our program to multiple schools located in Ashanti and Greater Accra regions of Ghana.

Since 2022, EDsnaps has collaborated with the Africa STEM Center organization, operating in Kenya. 

Interested in starting a local Youth Leadership Program and training your youth to become powerful STEM-leaders

Send an email to

Classes are offered in English only.

Bernard made a creativetangram.
Can you guess the animal?

BenStel School System, Kumasi, Ghana, 2022-2023

Screen Shot 2023-08-20 at 5.01.55 PM.png

“This [creating your tangram] was one of the most challenging assignments I worked on. But it felt so good once I got the concept"

Danielle Stogdill, Board of Directors, First Time Tangram Builder, 2023

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