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Career Leadership Awareness
Career Leadership Awareness Program

The Career Leadership Awareness Program helps students to build leadership skills. This program offers students the opportunity to excel both on a personal and professional level.

To become effective STEM-leaders we diligently work with our STEM-learners on developing  their leadership skills, focusing on: integrity, accountability, confidence, patience, problem-solving, creativity, gratitude, empathy, open-mindedness, and communication.

Coached by subject-matter experts as their guide, students are active panel participants and moderators using creative, respectful and unique problem-solving approaches to address real-life (global) socio-economic problems.

Focus Group

Upper high school, undergraduate and graduate programs, vocational training programs, early career professionals.

Co-ed training program. Age group 16-30


Program offering: 

Monthly virtual meetings from September – May

EDsnaps Leader:

Danielle Stogdill

Board of Directors, Leadership Development


EDsnaps mission

~ Inspire STEM-learners to become STEM-leaders ~

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