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Me-Tangram Project

Bronx, NY,  2023

Language Skills Projects

Count, Write, Read, Listen


Over 96% of our EDsnapian students (9-17 yrs) lives in a ESL (English as Second Language) defined household.
EDsnaps offers a plethora of challenging, STEAM experiential hands-on projects &  programs working with their diverse student population to strengthen their communication skills. We reading aloud to help improve information processing skills, vocabulary and comprehension and we write books with essays, poems, create scientific-based posters and much more.

Some of our Program Offerings

•    Poetry Contests

•    Art & STEM Challenge Competitions

•    Feed & Read literacy programs

•    Family Nights

•    Community Food Drives 

•    Career Development events K-12 level, including Saturday STEAM Series

•    Social Media events: Webinars and Podcasts

Pictures from left to right:

“The Expanding Quilt, booklet 1, Feed and Read Literacy Program (2022)

 Leadership Community Training workshop

Art workshop creating holiday-wrapping paper

Family fun night isolating DNA

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