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Financial Management Prep, 2023
Annual Reports
Metrics & Milestones

We are honored to share our accomplishments in the annual report writings. We would like to thank our donors, partners and sponsors for their past, continued or new contributions. 

We want to share this opportunity with you to highlight and share the impact you have on our students and their families, as they face continued and increasing difficulties in their socio-economic status. 


Read through our published 2018-2022 Milestones Reports.

In our jubilee report, you can read about our continued growing impact in the communities we serve. Your support gave and gives our students and their families the opportunity to build knowledge.


EDsnaps is continuously gaining knowledge, which helped us as an organization to survive a pandamic, to adapt to the current global climate changes, and to serve more socially challenged students and their families. 

Students in good educational standing are offered an intern position in the EDsnaps Educational Opportunities for the STEAM City of Young Teens Internship Program


An recent example of a gaining knowledge"  project is  “Elizabeth’s Bronx Garden Project”

September 2022 – May 2023.

Knowledge makes learning easier,

Knowledge provides unparalleled opportunities,

Knowledge enables personal growth,

Knowledge helps us succeed in both our professional and personal lives.

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