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Data Presentation -2023 Summer
STEM Talent Connector Platform

EDsnaps is a collaborative community for growing future STEM-talent. 

We know that, now more than ever, there is an urgent need to bridge the gap between regular school-day curriculum learning and real-life career development.

Young people need to be given opportunities to develop their personal and professional value while exploring unlimited and unrestricted STEAM career clusters. 

Our platform uses only open source data to create blueprints of socio-economic K-12 status. These data-based blueprints are used to efficiently connect companies with student STEM-talent populations. 

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Program Goals: 
  • Increase diversity in the STEM workforces
  • Focus on increasing equity in the STEM-talent student pipeline
  • Provide companies with accurate up to date socio-economic database on STEM-talent. 
  • Match companies with students interested in their specific industry
  • Prepare STEM-learners to get an understanding of career clusters, helping them to make a insightful decision to college, vocational career paths.
  • Help students to discover their professional interests and their passions, and as such empower them to choose an educational pathway that can lead to success in high school, college, vocational training and professional career. A long-term planning, highway to entering the workforce.

NY - In State comparison
All counties (top),
The Bronx versus Worchester  (bottom)


Career Exploration at American Airlines,

JFK Airport, NY, 2023 Summer Program

Career Exploration at the Hudson River Discovery Tank, NY, 2023 Summer Program

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