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Clarissa Turner

Treasurer / Secretary

Clarissa Turner is the owner of Ace-Precision Accounting Services. She is an experienced Accountant with extensive background in Accounting, Consulting and Business. Through her career and education, she realized many businesses and non-profit organizations had common issues with financial accuracy. Providing an optimal level of financial services for
Non-Profit and For-Profit organizations, became Clarissa’s priority. Serving as Director of Community Events for The Lady C.P.A. Network, Clarissa also assists students and their accounting career path creatively. She has served as a mentor to many people and organizations throughout her life across all generations. Working closely with PBS Organizations, Clarissa
sees the value of community and how impactful educational programs are necessary in all cultures.


While building long-term relationships with her clients, Clarissa was offered the opportunity to become a JustStrong Ambassador. JustStrong motivates women to embrace their strength through athletic training and explore their hidden potential with confidence and without fear. As an Ambassador, Clarissa guides women through their fitness path and provides the necessary support to ensure the community of women will never give up on their personal goals.

Clarissa became a self-published author in 2022 with the book entitled “The Power of Focus”. As her life journey continued, it was imperative her focus remained clear. This book is designed to assist us to make better choices and empower us to focus. You will discover unique ways to increase your productivity on many levels. Elevating organizations to strategize and
maintain financial accuracy is Clarissa’s vision. Her vision for her personal life, education, career, and business exemplifies to never underestimate the Power of Focus. Clarissa believes you can call FOCUS the secret ingredient to success while unlocking the key to your inner greatness.

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