EDsnaps is fortunate to work on joint projects with some amazing organizations. 


InnovaSpace is a Think Tank company developing global, inclusive, diverse and disruptive scientific projects and educational initiatives. We are proud to present the following joint initiatives.

Project: A trip to Mars in 600 Videos


InnovaSpace is collecting videos from children/students/youth (boys and girls, 6-18 yrs old) of all 193 recognized countries by the United Nations (UN).

The goal of this project is to raise awareness not only for space travel, but also to show what the current global interest of youth is in space exploration, thereby preparing the next generation of astronauts. Students record themselves asking a question for space experts in their native language. InnovaSpace translates the native language into English and we help InnovaSpace connect with students in the 193 UN recognized countries. We also assist in translating the English videos into the 5 other official languages used by the UN: Chinese, Spanish, Russian, Arabic, and French.

Project Number: ESIS20

Special Feature: Woman of Impact


InnovaSpace’s Thais Russomano will e-visit our virtual 2020 STEAM Internship Program for Leaders as a “Present Women of Impact”. She will be featured on a stamp created by a “Future Woman of Impact”, aka the student, and in a calendar. Through a workshop format, she will participate in a Q&A with one of our students, who will have received training in interviewing. The student will write Thais’ interactive story combined with the past Woman of Impact and the student’s future.

WINGS WorldQuest

WINGS WorldQuest supports women in science and exploration by advancing women explorers in the field, connecting women explorers worldwide, and inspiring the next generation.

Women of Impact


In support of our 2020 STEAM Internship Program for LeadersWINGS WorldQuest has connected us with some of their fellows. These women are some of our "Women of Impact" who will be interviewed by our students and incorporated into their final projects.

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