Monday 6/29, 10 am EST: Welcome to the second week of our program!! This morning, I had the pleasure of interviewing Elena Abou Mrad, my selected present “Woman of Discovery”. Elena is an archivist, a storyteller, and a blogger, just like me. I wanted my interview to be a relaxed and enjoyable experience, so I started off by asking Elena some basic questions about how she was feeling and what she does. At the end I wanted to hear some advice that she has for a new and curious blogger (like myself). One advice that I will remember forever is when she said to “always be yourself”. I like this quote because I feel like it’s so simple yet many fail to follow it. After the interview, Elena gave an incredible workshop on “Digital Humanities''. Digital humanities is a field of study and research that intersects with humanities. We learned that there are so many creative things you can do with maps. During the breakout session, we teamed up, selected one of our favorite books, and made a graph out of it! Hearing other teams present their graph and book was even more exciting. 


On Tuesday we once again welcomed Carol Colmenares. Carol worked with us on “Digital Media.” We talked about media which are communication tools we use to store and deliver information in the form of text and/or data. Examples of some media are Facebook, TV, radio, music, and even newspapers. The main...

Ami Konate

July 5, 2020


The EDsnaps STEAM Internship Program for Leaders is a program offered to female-identifying
high school students that runs on a daily basis from 10-12 noon. Due to the pandemic, students, counselors, visitors, and speakers meet through Zoom where they learn valuable tools and lessons for their personal and professional lives. The goal of the program is to expand students' professional and personal experience and value.


My name is Ami Konate and I am an e-Counselor in this program. In 2017, I started as a rising college-student in the EDsnaps Program. I have been working with EDsnaps since then and I am currently part of the 2020 Internship Program where I work as an e-Counselor. The thought of being a counselor online seemed a bit strange to me at first but if I can describe it in one word, it would be FUN. I’ll be writing these weekly recap blogs to take you along with us for this exciting journey!

Wednesday 6/24, 10 am EST: The wait is finally over! Dr. Susanne Cappendijk (aka Dr. C) launched the STEAM Internship Program for Leaders with the theme “Turning Overlooked Into Looked In: Past, Present, and Future Women of Discovery”. The program started with the future women, counselors and students, introducing... 

Ami Konate

June 28, 2020

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