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To explore our innovative combined 2018-2019 Summer Leadership Interactive Newsletters
or to dive into the 2018 Newsletters go to the bottom of this page.


November 24, 2019

Fall 2019, Part 1.


A compelling overview of Updates and Impacts of the EDsnaps Programs starting 2017- present.


March 31, 2019

Our favorite letter of the month March is the letter M for Many & More..." 

EDsnaps had an amazing month full of “Many & More...”


February 10, 2019

Our favorite letter of the month February is F: First of...

For EDsnaps the February month was a month full of “First” events. We had our first field trips, the first Glow Party, the first EDsnapian Microscopy Unit Naming Contest. 

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Check out our combined map below!

We show the differences between our Summer 2019 program and Summer 2018 program.