2021 Programs

All programs are free and 100% online. 

Current Programs
The STEAM City of Women project Building our Backyard
Virtual Youth Afterschool Program 4 STEM & STEAM Learners
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Biweekly Virtual Program starts on Wednesday 10/13/21 EST, 5.30 - 7.30 pm EST


Program is open to female-identifying students, age 12-18 yrs, who like to learn about STEM and would like to become (paid) STEAM leaders in our 2022 Summer Programs.

Information: susanne@edsnaps.org

Continuous Learning Officer (CLO) Leadership Program 2021-2022 Virtual Program
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Our Continuous Learning Officer (CLO) Leadership Program is for current high school students, college and university students, and working young professionals in any stages of their careers. This program serves STEAM leaders who want to increase their impact on the community and give back to our younger generation of EDsnapsian STEAM learners.  


We accept applicants from all over the world. This is currently the only EDsnaps program open to all genders.

Upcoming Projects
2022 Bridging the Educational gap for ESL students
Project: The S behind TEAM work 

 Bridging the educational gap for ESL (English as Second Language) students, leading to increase diversity in the STEAM workforce. 

8 week curriculum program.

Starts January 2022, day and time TBD. 2 hours virtual interactive workshops. 

If you are an ESL female-identifying student between 12-18 yrs of age, interested in improving your English, strengthening your resume, and getting a job with a better pay scale, this is the course you have been looking for. 

2021-2022 EDsnaps and the Unlimited space4women
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“Space is not mere emptiness. It is more like an invisible 3-D “fabric" that stretches and warps in the vicinity of matter"

citation: American Museum of Natural History, NY.

Inspire girls and young women to explore the Impact of Women in Space Sectors.


Join us on the journey to find out of what type of material the past and present women working in the Space Sectors are made of.

Project launch in Space Week October 4-10, 2021