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2022-2023 Programs & Projects

All programs are free. Global Leadership Programs, E-magazine and Literacy projects are online.

Spring Camp and Summer Program are in person and offered in NYC.  

Social Impact Continuous Learning Officer (CLO) Leadership Programs 2022-2023
US-based (level 401, co-ed), Ghana (level 201), Kenya (level 101)

Our Continuous Learning Officer (CLO) Leadership Program in the US is for currently enrolled high school students, college and university students, and working young professionals in any stages of their careers. This program serves STEAM leaders who want to increase their social impact on the local, national and global communities.


We accept applicants from all over the world. The US Program is the only EDsnaps program open to all genders and has an open enrollment. 

All Programs meet on a monthly basis, starting on 9/29/2022, 7 pm EST.

Contact: for information.

The STEAM City of Women Becoming a (S)TEAM Star
NEW in 2023 - In person Spring Break Camp NYC

Brilliant Blue Bananas - Spring Break 2023 


This 5-day one-week in-person program that is open to female-identifying students, age 10-18 yrs, who like to learn about STEAM.  

April 8 - 12, Mon-Fr, 9 am - 5 pm. STEAM content workshops and fieldtrips in NYC.

Pre-registration opens in January 2023. 15 spots available.


2023 Literacy Project: “Layered Circles

Project participants are female-identifying participants who like to learn all about STEAM, write stories, discover new book genres, learn all about belonging, support, growth and change and write the first chapter of a team-book.

eBook STEAM Series 2022 number 1: “The Neverending Quilt”, presented on September 14 at the STEAM & STREAM Community Event.

eBook STEAM Series 2023 number 2: “Layered Cicles”. Starting in January 2023.


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