Darnel Clayton

Board of Advisors

Darnel Clayton, is the founder and New York president of an employee resource group which has 1,000 technical members nationally. He found success sharing his knowledge and expertise with aspiring engineers while executing technical interview workshops with near graduates from Grace Hopper and The Knowledge House boot camps and CUNY Lehman’s Computer Science department.


Darnel graduated Oregon State University with magna cum laude, with a bachelor degree in Computer Science. As a computer scientist with a background in Data Engineering, he implemented data pipelines processing more than two billion advertisement impressions daily. Currently working as a Senior Software Engineer he is a prominent contributor to a compiler for a proprietary grammar.


His role models and parents, Coralia and Egberto Clayton, are both from Panamà. Coralia recently retired from a career as a psychiatric registered nurse for more than thirty years. She previously worked as a New York City police officer and has served in the United State Air Force as a combat medic. Egberto, also a recent retiree, worked as a certified registered nurse anesthetist for thirty four years at Memorial Sloan Kettering, working on predominately on head and neck surgical procedures.