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Alice Finch

Board of Advisors

Alice Finch started building with LEGO again when her kids needed a building companion. She realized that building isn’t just for little kids- it’s creative, inspiring, and incredibly fun for big kids too.  Her first model was Hogwarts Castle, which accidentally grew to be 400,000 bricks big. In her LEGO room in Seattle, WA, she continues to build models both great and small. She also contributes to collaborative projects since she thinks building has great potential to bring people together.  She is the only official LEGO model builder outside of Europe and has had her work published in many books including her own LEGO Architecture Idea book. She is also a featured builder in the documentary, A LEGO Brickumentary. 


Lately, she has returned to her teaching roots by volunteering in local classrooms. She uses bricks as a universally accessible medium for discussing critical issues with students and then designing and building posters that educate the community about diversity, equity, and climate change.


She travels all over the world, giving talks, demonstrating building techniques, and teaching builders of all ages how to use bricks to make the world a better place.

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